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Cloudscape Brazil 2016 is organized by EUBrasilCloudFORUM together with the Workshop on Cloud Networks (WCN) in the frame of the annual Conference of the Brazilian Computing Society (CSBC) 2016. The two events are jointly organized and the agendas complement with attention to reserch, industry and policy topics around cloud computing.

We are collecting position papers from all WCN and Cloudscape Brazil 2016 participants and stakeholders. This will give you excellent visibility both at the event and through the EUBrasilCloudFORUM website where your paper will also be published. Position papers will be the basis of a White Paper to be submitted to the EC and MCTI before the EU-Brazil Policy Dialogues in ICT in November. Please note that the deadline for submission is Friday 17 June 2016 extended to Thursday 30 June 2016!

WCN & Cloudscape Brazil 2016 Focus themes include:

  1. Legal framework for data protection in the cloud: experiences and lessons learnt from Europe and Brazil
  2. Security tradeoff vs. performance
  3. Cloud & IoT - Challenges of integration of big data and IoT using cloud as an enabler
  4. Data streaming and big data analytic services - processing massive data in real-time
  5. Trustworthy cloud platforms and services
  6. Cross-domain orchestration and programmable networks in clouds
  7. Data flow and portability of data: remedies to vendor lock-in
  8. Building a culture of transparency for customer-friendly Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
    1. How can Cloud Service Providers make their SLAs more transparent. A Cloud Service Provider perspective
    2. What challenges do customers face when signing an SLA. A Cloud Service Customer perspective

Send us your Position Paper by filling in the fields below. If you have any enquiries please contact us at info@eubrasilcloudforum.eu.

All position papers will be submitted to an editorial review before publication.


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