WIKON Kommunikationstechnik GmbH - Data Logistics, Germany

WIKON Kommunikationstechnik GmbH - Data Logistics, Germany

WIKON Kommunikationstechnik GmbH - Data Logistics is a German company with 25 years’ experience in developing solutions for communication between machines (M2M). Due technological advances on hardware and software, the company expanded its portfolio with solutions based on cloud computing and IoT for Industry 4.0.

Through connecting industrial devices, WIKON has become a strong provider of useful information for decision makers and managers. To control the whole process, from projecting the hardware, getting the data until generating analytic information, the company constantly faces many challenges, varying from technical field, towards new business modeling. WIKONs’ experience is based on successful collaborations with partners in Europe and in the USA, and on a highly qualified technical team in Germany. Currently WIKON is heading to a promising business cooperation in South America by taking new challenges in Brazil and Chile. The cooperation with specialists of these countries has been a success factor of the operations there, bringing many highlighted cases to WIKON’s history.


The most popular products of WIKON, AIRMO and TAMO, are widely spread in Europe and at USA industries, as much as at oil and gas distributers. For the Oil industry, the solution OilMo turns the supervision of fluid level simply via Plug & Play installation and a mobile App.












In Brazil, the main product of WIKON is a service on water monitoring, the WaterBox. This IoT system is capable to generate alarms in case of leakage and broken pipelines by observing remotely the consumption behavior of the water supply network, even on areas where the GPRS or GSM systems are badly available. Moreover, the monitoring on water, the supervision of the distribution and the stock of dry and wet bulk materials has the potential on opening new segments. Those areas and others innovative projects summed around 50 thousand equipment connections to WIKON's Global Data Center.

The WaterBox is a complete solution for supervision on water systems, whatever if it is confined in a pipeline or exposed, for example in a dam. Its hardware is projected to be autonomous on extern energy sources, avowing infrastructure modifications or the use of unstable electricity grids. In a durable, compact box, the WaterBox operates with a long-term battery (at least 4 years’ duration) and a telecommunication SIM card. This makes the system the ideal choice for applications where infrastructure of energy and telecommunication are precarious or inexistent. The hardware can be easily installed via Plug & Play, almost dismisses the installation by a specialist and none local alteration of the infrastructure is needed for standard applications.

In the most recent partnership with a Brazilian company, the WaterBox System of WIKON monitors the water consumption of some special clients of SABESP in São Paulo. Supported by our partner NIVETEC, water hydrometers installed in areas of restrict access, like prisons, and at isolated points of the water supply chain, have their consumption remotely reported with the WaterBox. This complete application enable the clients to reduce operational costs on billing and on maintenance.

Contact Person: 

Andreas Konzelmann - Managing Director

CEO of WIKON Kommunikationstechnik in Kaiserslautern, Germany.  Andreas founded this company in 1991. He is also founder and partner in WIKON Solucoes em Tecnologia da Informacao Ltda in Salvador, BA, Brasil. He is an entrepreneur, electronic engineer and pilot, working since more than 25 years in business that's now called Internet of Things (IoT).



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