USTORE, Recife, Brazil

USTORE, Recife, Brazil

USTORE is a Brazilian company that develops core software technology that enables the implementation and management of a distributed cloud computing platform. USTORE promotes open standards and offers cloud solutions that are scalable, solid and reliable, allowing the storage of large volumes of unstructured data, making it faster to implement big data applications.

USTORE brings the benefits of cloud computing to all, thanks to their several solutions and core technology applications tailored to the needs of public and private sector. USTORE's technology is hardware agnostic and presents a very attractive cost/benefit ratio, which improves the competitiveness of enterprises.

"I will bring into EUBrasilCloudFORUM my expertise and experiences in the IT segment with an emphasis on big data, cloud computing, system contingency, security and high performance computing." Rodrigo Assad, Ustore Chief Nerd Officer

Contact Info: 

Linkedin: USTORE
Facebook: USTORE
Phone: +55 81 3224-5271
Adress: Rua do Rocio, 423, conjunto 306, Vila Olimpia - São Paulo - SP

Contact Person: 

Rodrigo Elia Assad, CNO at USTORE & Professor at Federal Rural University of Pernambuco - UFRPE, Brazil

Chief Nerd Officer (CNO) at USTORE, Rodrigo Assad acts as the leader of the development team, as well as guiding the long-term company's innovation strategy. Responsible for developing products, services and solutions roadmap. It’s main purpose is to ensure the technological evolution of products and uStore solutions.


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