The BEMO-COFRA project addressed both technological aspects and user needs to promote a wider adoption of large-scale networked monitoring and control solutions.


Develop an innovative distributed framework which allows networked monitoring and control of large-scale complex systems by integrating heterogeneous smart objects, legacy devices and sub-systems, possibly cooperating to support holistic management and achieve overall systems’ efficiency with respect to energy and raw materials.

Project Timeframe

From 01-09-2011 to 28-02-2014


Ensure confidentiality, integrity, consistency and availability of applications in the cloud, focusing on:
  • Defining novel mechanisms to enforce dependability in WSANs operating in harsh environments and serving heterogeneous application constraints by means of context awareness, self-configuration and self-adaptation capabilities.
  • Adopting distributed and decentralized approaches to provide WSANs with scalable monitoring, control and self-diagnosis capabilities.
  • Introducing a Service Oriented Architecture (SoA) and a middleware that, by exposing smart objects capabilities as web services, makes it possible for the innovative WSAN developed within the project to cooperate with legacy devices/systems thanks to semantic interoperability.

RESULTS  achieved

Manufacturing plant where dependability of the system is of the utmost importance and where a very large number of devices, systems and WSAN devices interact and actively cooperate with each other to enable a very accurate observation of production processes.

Major benefits derived from the research and development activities in BEMO-COFRA are:

  • An overall increase of flexibility, performance and re-configurability of new agile manufacturing systems: today the investment cost spent on average for reconfiguring existing production facilities.
  • An optimal operation maintenance despite varying conditions.
  • An improvement in efficiency accompanied by greater equipment up-time in cases of major variations/uncertainties in process parameters and/or in cases of frequent managed changes in production.

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Brazil-Europe Monitoring and Control Frameworks

BEMO-COFRA has received funding from the European Union's 7th Framework Programme in the area of EU-Brazil Research.

The Brazilian funding was provided by CNPq Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico.

7th Framework Programme Grant agreement no. 288133


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