Riosoft, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Riosoft, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Riosoft is a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP) that actively participates in the institutional articulation developed by government entities and the private sector in order to strengthen the software and ICT segments in Rio de Janeiro, turning it into a major centre for Information Technology.

Riosoft develops activities that sustain the demand of industry best practices in the state:

  1. Training: provides companies and their employees’ ongoing opportunities to update knowledge and improve skills.
  2. Quality: includes advice and support provided by Riosoft through various programs implementation activities.
  3. Promotion program: increase participation of firms in markets, through thematic networks and international missions, culminating with the completion of the Annual National Meeting of Technology and Business (Rio Info).

"I will help to bring more small and medium enterprises to the meeting fostering new partnerships among entrepreneurs and researchers" by John Lemos Forman.


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Linkedin: Riosoft

Facebook: Riosoft

Twitter: Riosoft

Youtube: Riosoft

Phone: (21) 3974-5042

Adress: Rua Buenos Aires, nº 68, 14º andar
                  CEP: 20070-022
                  Centro – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brasil

Contact Person: 

John Lemos Forman, Partner at J.Forman Consulting, Brazil

Senior Consultant, since 1984 has worked as an entrepreneur, systems analyst, businessman, manager, auditor, teacher and mentor.  Computer Engineer, MSc in Software Engineering and Postgraduate in Business Management.  Many years’ experience in managing innovative technology-based projects in private companies, government and not for-profit organizations, leading negotiations with customers, suppliers and partners in Brazil and abroad.

Successfully conducted numerous tailor-made software development projects as well as the implementation of new Technologies, reaching and surpassing pre-set goals, for Brazilian and multinational companies of different economic sectors, highlighting Healthcare, Government, Education and Digital Media. Knowledge of the proposal and execution cycle of projects using Brazilian public funds and incentive laws, having successfully coordinated and concluded projects with funding from BNDES, CNPq, Faperj, FINEP, MCTI and Sebrae.

Active participation in various business and scientific entities in the IT industry, being a member of organizing committees of national and international events. Institutional representation of these entities before government authorities, politicians, civil society and journalists. Formulation of documents proposing the creation / enhancement of policies for supporting the development of the ICT sector.

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