Propus - Tecnologia dedicada a negócios, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Propus - Tecnologia dedicada a negócios, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Propus is a company focused on Big Data and adapting the Information Technology on each kind of business, with a proactive and continuous approach. Having more than 12 years of experience, their clients’ portfolio includes companies from several industries, from large to small ones, from all over Brazil.

Propus’ mission is to meet each customer’s needs by providing them the information technology they need. Information and communications technologies are crucial to all organizations, so they should them as a competitive advantage. That is only possible with a continuous evolution which meets their market challenges.

"I will report the experience of creating a startup focused on Big Data in Brazil with a brief description of the projects developed in the first year and the future outlook for the segment." by Carlos Eurico Canto


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Linkedin: Propus

Facebook: Propus

Twitter: Propus

Phone: +55 (51) 3024-3568 / 4063-9076

Adress: Rua Santa Rita, 282, 2o andar
                  Bairro Floresta – 90.220-220
                  Porto Alegre – RS


Contact Person: 

Carlos Eurico Canto, CEO at Propus Data Science, Brazil

Entrepreneur, sailor, electronic engineer, computer scientist, working to be a data scientist entrepreneur.  Eurico operates more than 30 years in the IT industry as a consultant and entrepreneur in various projects in industry , finance , commerce and services.

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