The PodiTrodi project aimed at overcoming the draw-backs of current Point-of-Care tests by developing technologies for really integrated (but low-cost!) sample preparation. To achieve the challenging mission described below, PodiTrodi followed a multidimensional, multi-material system integration approach on four project "levels" (Heterogeneous System Integration, Instrumentation, Manufacturing Infrastructure, Development Infrastructure).

Create a single self-contained unit, with a human-machine interface, suitable for point-of-care diagnosis of the diseases (e.g Chagas), which integrates several technologies such as heterogeneous Microsystems (biosensors and microfluidics), control electronics, sensor read-out and an embedded processor and power supply.

Why is this important?
The diagnosis and discrimination of infectious diseases (such as dengue, malaria, HIV, chagas) in geographic regions with poor or low-density medical infrastructure is of high socioeconomic importance. While so-called "rapid in-vitro diagnostic (ivD) tests" for single diseases are already on the market, more complex analytical protocols are necessary to clearly identify a certain tropical disease AND to determine the status of the disease - the latter being crucial for proper treatment. Such complex analytical protocols would include liquid handling as well as sample preparation like transcription and amplification (PCR) of the virus` RNA (dengue, HIV) or the parasite (lechimaniasis, malaria, Chagas). These sample preparation steps are currently only available in laboratories and have not yet found their way into mass-producible, integrated point-of-care diagnostic tests. This is where PodiTrodi comes into the story.

Project Timeframe
From 01-09-2011 to 30-11-2014


  • Provide effective analytical and sample preparation tools in a low-cost integrated unit for areas with poor medical infrastructure, which are most affected by tropical diseases.

results achieved

  • Device controlled by a portable instrument including sensor read-out, human-machine interface and embedded processor, suitable for point- of-care diagnosis of Chagas' Disease.

project poster

Poditrodi device

poditrodi presentation 


Technology Platform for Point-of-care diagnostics for tropical diseases

PodiTrodi has received funding from the European Union's 7th Framework Programme in the area of EU-Brazil Research.

The Brazilian funding was provided by Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology and CNPq Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico.

7th Framework Programme Grant agreement no. 287770




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