Mundo Digital Interativo - Brazil

Mundo Digital Interativo - Brazil

The Mundo Digital Interativo, MDI, is a company that emerged from the realization that the use of Technology plays an important role in interdisciplinary learning. For this, the company develops a learning platform for Engineering and Technology, based on simulated laboratory activities in 2D and 3D environments. The MDI trajectory began in 2011, formatted as a research project at the Institute of Higher Studies of the Amazon - IESAM.

Also in 2011, MDI left the research project stage and started acting as an established company. In the following years, a mathematics leveling platform for new students was developed for IESAM. Digital laboratories were also developed to perform practical activities in Physics and Chemistry using computer simulation. In 2014 the company underwent a corporate restructuring that led to the definitive composition of shareholders. In the same year, the company had a project proposal approved in the Tecnova program, with investments by MDI itself, FAPESPA (Amazon Foundation for Support to Studies and Research) and FINEP (Funding of Studies and Projects). This project generated direct jobs and enabled the development of cutting-edge technologies that serve as the basis for the company's products. In 2013, the MDI Online platform was launched. In 2016, it was updated and received the designation YouinLAB. In 2017, in order to set up its own laboratory, the MDI Simulation Space, the company moved to the third floor of the PCT-Guamá Innovation Space, its current headquarters.

Beginning in 2018, the offer of courses and simulators on the YouinLAB platform increases, serving professionals and students from all over Brazil, and MDI also offers courses in the MDI Simulation Space.

Target User: Students and professionals in the Engineering and Technology areas.

Primary Domain/Field of Expertise: Training Courses Development using 3D Simulation.

Product / Service / Software:  Labozilla Platform (it will be launched by september 2019).


Contact Person: 

Raul Nascimento - Belém, Brazil (Shareholder)

Raul Nascimento, graduated in Information Systems, specialist in Web Programming. Raul Is a shareholder and has been working for Mundo Digital Interativo - MDI since 2011. He Is responsible for supervising and acting on the programming of 2D and 3D simulators developed by the company. Raul works with 3D modeling, with Javascript and C # programming in the production of the simulators. He studies the production and relationship between games and players. Raul is currently devoting himself to the process of gamification of the MDI interactive learning platform.


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