HOP Ubiquitous - Spain

HOP Ubiquitous - Spain

As an innovation company on Internet of Things (IoT) solutions we develop and research full integrated solutions for Smart Cities and industry 4.0. We focus our efforts on the development of IoT products with ubiquitous connectivity to meet the needs of the human being at a global level, for this reason we have created innovative low power modules with M2M, IoT & LPWAN communications capabilities; allowing the connection of different platforms and products. Our IoT solutions use open APIs permitting to collaborate with IT companies such as Fujitsu, Nokia and Microsoft. We design our own hardware and firmware allowing scalable management that facilitates the implementation of large-scale deployments, maintenance, monitoring and ad-hoc sensors to meet the demand of the market.
Our philosophy is based on integrity; we pamper our products to always offer the highest quality and provide our customers with the best services, creating lasting relationships based on collaboration and mutual trust. We have a strong commitment in the development and innovation in IoT, evolving towards a better privacy, data management and security making products totally reliable. HOP team is multidisciplinary counting on specialists in areas such as embedded software, ubiquitous computing, radio frequency, electronic design and communication/design of product, working together to solve problems and challenges that arise. 
We are committed to the economic and social growth of cities thus we are part of OASC (Open & Agile Smart Cities). This foundation has more than 100 cities and aims at the technological development of these cities under the use of standards developed by FIWARE creating a global market that connects smart cities both internally and externally. As Partners of Synchronicity, one of the largest Smart Cities initiatives in Europe, we develop IoT products with the ambition of establishing an environment of trust and encouraging citizens, businesses and public organisms to actively participate in all the city dimensions.

Target User: Smart Cities & B2B

Product / Service / Software: HOP is specialized in applying their IoT management, security and networking protocols over an IoT platform called Homard (https://homard.hopu.eu/). Homard is being used and integrated for final customers by companies such as Fujitsu (RunMyProcess), FIWARE and Microsoft. HOP has integrated the IoT Management with the Business Process Management (BPM) in the platform Homard using FIWARE and promoting the integration of IoT as a key enabler of the digitalization of production processes. 
In addition to the IoT platform, HOP is offering a wide range of IoT devices and sensors for Smart Cities covering from air quality monitoring (calibrated and certified sensors with our own calibration laboratory), temperature, humidity, noise (high accurate) and energy metering. All these sensors are offered in the Smart Spot. HOP offers development of ad-hoc applications and firmware and enabling Smart devices with Internet of Things capabilities, i.e., with Internet connectivity and RESTFul Open APIs to facilitate the development of solutions, integration into other systems, facilitation of the usability, deployment, and commissioning. HOP sensors are enabled with the developed IoT embedded stack with support for security (Elliptic Curve Cryptography - ECC, Extensible Authentication Protocol – EAP, CoAP Secure – CoAPS) and advanced commissioning capabilities.

Contact Person: 

Antonio J. Jara - Murcia, Spain

CEO / Managing Director / Chief Executive

Antonio J. Jara is the founder of the Wearable Computing and Personal Area Networks company HOP Ubiquitous S.L., vice-chair of the IEEE Communications Society Internet of Things Technical Committee since 2012. He holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA), where his Master Thesis was about Internet of Things business models. He has received multiple awards about entrepreneurship initiatives in the Internet of Things area, such as IPSO Alliance Challenge Award, IoT Week 2013 Business Pitch Award, ENAE Business School Award, and emprendeGo Big Data Award mentored by Hewlett Packard Spain. He did his PhD (Cum Laude) at the Intelligent Systems and Telematics Research Group of the University of Murcia (UMU) from Spain. He received two M.S. (Hons. - valedictorian) degrees. The first in Computer Science from UMU in 2009, where Master Thesis explored the “Internet of things in clinical environments”, and a second M.S. Computer Science degree dealing with advanced networks and artificial intelligence from UMU in 2010. Master Thesis pertained to “Mobility protocols for 6LoWPAN”. He was associated with the Department of Information and Communication Engineering, UMU, since 2007, where he has been working on several projects related to IPv6, WSNs. and RFID applications in building automation and healthcare. He is especially focused on the design and development of new protocols for security and mobility for Future Internet of things, which was the topic of his Ph.D. Nowadays, he continues working on IPv6 technologies for the Internet of Things in projects such as IoT6, and also Big Data and Knowledge Engineering for Smart Cities in collaboration with projects such as SmartSantander. He has published over 100 international papers, As well, he holds several patents in the IoT area. Finally, he participates in several Projects about the IPv6, Internet of Things, and Industrial Internet.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jovanstevovic/

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