FIBRE testbed


“To prepare the next generation of researchers to deal with the challenges of evolving the current Internet is an asset. We are working with professors to encourage them to use FIBRE for teaching computing networking classes in undergraduate courses”
Iara Machado, RNP’s Adjunct Director of R&D


Prepare the next generation of researchers to deal with the challenges of evolving the current Internet.

Project Timeframe

From 01-06-2011 to 31-07-2014


  • Build a Future Internet testbed in Brazil, federated with other worldwide testbed initiatives.
  • Provide a large scale platform to promote Future Internet research in Brazil and the region.
  • Encourage educators to use the testbed for network classes to foster a new generation of researchers.

Achieved achieved

  • Platform for experimentation and education on computer networks, built on top of FIBRE’s project legacy infrastructure and operated as a service for the academic community.

Expected RESULTS

  • A testbed service, integrated to major testbed infrastructures worldwide, operated by the Brazilian NREN.


Fibre - Future Internet Testbeds Experimentation between Europe and Brazil

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 288356

From brazilian side, it received funding by CNPq.



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