EUBrazilOpenBio aimed to combine the Biodiversity Science and the Open Access Movement, promoting the concept of openness for scientific research.


EUBrazilOpenBio ambitiously combined the two key themes above to deploy an e-Infrastructure of open access resources (data, tools and services) that would make significant strides towards fully supporting the needs and requirements of the biodiversity scientific community. This data e-Infrastructure would result from the federation and integration of existing EU and Brazilian developed infrastructures and resources, namely through Catalogue of Life, D4Science-II, openModeller and Venus-C.

Project Timeframe
From 01-06-2011 to 30-09-2013


  • Drive forward the interoperation of existing Brazilian and European e-Infrastructures in the distributed computing, scientific data and portals & platform layers.
  • Provide greater focus to the integration of data software platforms running through all of infrastructures.
  • Identify further future EU-Brazil collaboration in support to the biodiversity area in all types of infrastructures.

results achieved

  • Policy document to boost co-operation between Brazil and Europe, strengthening links with research and business communities.
  • Integration of different technologies, making several services available for management, manipulation and processing of metadata within an autonomously managed infrastructure.
  • Leverage on existing EU, BR & global data sources ranging from species data - species names, synonyms, taxonomical classifications to literature, occurrence maps and images: Catalogue of Life, List of Species of the Brazilian Flora, speciesLink, etc.
  • EUBrazilOpenBio gateway: access point to a number of resources, serving the needs of biodiversity scientists involved in the development and alignment of species taxonomies and in the modelling and projection of ecological niche models to predict and to understand the distribution of species.
  • New version of the i4Life cross-mapping tool to compare regional and global taxonomies, enabling taxonomists and data curators to find relationships between lists of species and higher taxa in two different species information systems.
  • Training materials designed for researchers in Biodiversity, Life Science, Climate Change, application developers and also regulatory authorities and policy decision-makers.


EU-Brazil Open Data and Cloud Computing e-Infrastructure for Biodiversity

EUBrazilOpenBio has received funding from the European Union's 7th Framework Programme in the area of EU-Brazil Research.

The Brazilian funding was provided by Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology and CNPq Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico.

7th Framework Programme Grant agreement no. 288754



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