The project aimed to assist the creation of International across-Atlantic scientific and technological communities through an Integrative platform and joint use cases. This was ensured by integrating a more complete ecosystem of tools and the deployment of 3 Use Case prototypes coming from EU-Brazil cooperation.
  • - To integrate individually exploitable tools, for high impact socio-economic applications;
  • - To connect tools, data and services to improve knowledge generation and exchange across communities, tackling societal challenges common to BR & EU;
  • - To create a community of clouds via Fogbow and the use of programming frameworks and tools for data analysis and management, in order to maximise interopability and reduce vendor lock-in.
  • Project Timeframe
  • From 01-10-2013 to 31-01-2016


Foster EU-Brazil international cooperation in distributed computing infrastructures at three levels:
  • 1 Federated Cloud infrastructure;
  • 1 Integrated Software development Platform;
  • 3 Applications for international collaboratio.

Achieved RESULTS

  • Promotion of Extensions International Standards (OCCI.
  • Platform for Cloud & Data Analytics Services » Cloudscape event: ICT networking place for EU & BR.
  • Leading industries & initiatives adopting EU & BR technology developed or improved in the project.
  • International collaboration, with interoperability of EU and Brazilian technology in Clouds.


EU-Brazil Cloud infrastructure Connecting federated resources for Scientific Advancement

EUBrazil Cloud Connect is a project funded under the second Eu-Brazil coordinated call under topic a) Cloud computing for Science. Its aim is to create an intercontinental federated eInfrastructure for scientific usage. This e-Infrastructure will join resources from different frameworks, like private clouds, supercomputing and opportunistic desktop resources to offer the community high-level scientific gateways and programming models.

STREP Grant Agreement n. No 614048




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