The project has high potentials to impact the BIG Data market. It brings together a highly complementary team of Big Data, cloud and security software experts and data analysis application developers, along with a network of collaborations in standards and with industry”
Ignacio Blanquer Espert, Valencia University of Technology & EU Coordinator of EUBra-BIGSEA project
To create a sustainable international EU-BR cooperation activity in the area of cloud services for Big Data analytics.
Big Data market with technological innovation in Cloud Quality of Services Infrastructure and services to support data Applications. Open source communities and ICT-Intensive companies, specially SMEs, both from Europe and Brazil, will gain strategic benefits.


  • Develop advanced QoS cloud to support Big Data.
  • Develop innovative Big Data services for capturing, federating and annotating large volumes of data.
  • Use of innovative and efficient technologies for guaranteeing the fulfilment of the security and privacy policies.
  • Transfer this technology to a real user scenario with high social and business impact in EU and BR.
  • Dissemination and subsequent uptake of the results and identification of business opportunities.

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  • An efficient Big Data Analytics platform supported by self-adaptable cloud services.
  • Real use case implemented on the platform for data analysis from massively connected societies
  • Liaise an International Research Community on Cloud & Big Data


Europe-Brazil Collaboration of BIG Data Scientific Research through Cloud-Centric Applications

EUBra-BIGSEA is a project funded in the third coordinated call Europe – Brazil focused on the development of advanced QoS services for Big Data applications, demonstrated in the scope of the Massive Connected Societies.

H2020 Grant Agreement n. No 690116




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