EU-Brazil Cloud Research Call 3

In addition to the coordinated calls in ICT between Brazil and EU, which started in 2010, there are other EU-BR initiatives that also support cloud computing and ICT cooperation between innovators and researchers from both regions.


The project has high potentials to impact the BIG Data market. It brings together a highly complementary team of Big Data, cloud and security software experts and data analysis application developers, along with a network of collaborations in standards and with industry”

Ignacio Blanquer Espert, Valencia University of Technology & EU Coordinator of EUBra-BIGSEA project

"FUTEBOL" brings together network experts in Europe and Brazil to create infrastructure for experimental research at the wireless/optical boundary, enabling industry leadership on significant trends in future networks, including virtualization and cell densification."

Luiz da Silva, Trinity College Dublin, FUTEBOL project coordinator

“EU-Brazil academia and industry on HPC energy applications: HPCE4A applies Exascale HPC technology to energy industry simulations [Wind + Oil and Gas + Biomass]”
José María Cela, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS) and EU coordinator of the HPC4E project.

“The main goal of the SecureCloud project is to enable novel big-data applications that can use sensitive data in the cloud without compromising data security and privacy.”

Andrey Brito, Professor at Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazilian Coordinator of the SecureCloud project

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