EU-Brazil Cloud Research Call 1

PodiTrodi, SecFuNet, EUBrazilOpenBio, DEMO-COFRA and Fibre Testbed, gathered below, were the selected EU-BR projects for the 1st Coordinated Call.

The 1st EU-BR Coordinated Call (FP7-ICT-2011-EU-Brazil) was launched in 2010, with a total of €10 M available, to fund projects with a timeframe of 36 months (2011-2015), focusing on the following topics:

- Future of Internet;
- Microeletronics and Micro-Systems;
- Embedded Systems;
- E-Infrastructures.

Funds came from the European Commission and Brazilian MCTI (Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation) and CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development).

The BEMO-COFRA project delivered an innovative, distributed framework for networked monitoring and control of large-scale complex systems. The integration of heterogeneous smart objects, legacy devices and sub-systems achieved overall systems’ efficiency with respect to energy and raw materials and support holistic management.

“To prepare the next generation of researchers to deal with the challenges of evolving the current Internet is an asset. We are working with professors to encourage them to use FIBRE for teaching computing networking classes in undergraduate courses”

Iara Machado, RNP’s Adjunct Director of R&D

EUBrazilOpenBio aimed to ambitiously combine the Biodiversity Science and the Open Access Movement, promoting the concept of the openness for scientific research. The project deployed an open-access platform from the federation and integration of existing European and Brazilian infrastructures and resources, making significant strides towards fully supporting the needs and requirements of the biodiversity scientific community.

PodiTrodi is aimed at overcoming the draw-backs of current Point-of-Care tests by developing technologies for really integrated (but low-cost) sample preparation. The resulting device is controlled by a portable instrument including a sensor read-out, human-machine interface, embedded processor and is suitable for the point-of-care diagnosis of Chagas' Disease.

The goal of the SecFuNet project was to design and develop a coherent security architecture for virtual networks and cloud access. The proposed architecture can provide solutions for the security of communications  for all machines connected to a public cloud using virtual networks.

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