DEV Tecnologia - São Paulo, Brazil

DEV Tecnologia - São Paulo, Brazil

DEV Tecnologia is a design house that offers complete solutions for IoT with state of the art technologies in the world. We are pioneers in Brazil in providing engineering services for IoT, thanks to our deep expertise in embedded electronics, wireless communication (sub Giga, WiFi, BLE, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, cellular) and software for wireless sensor networks.

We also provide ODM products such as BLE Beacons, indoor location solutions and IoT gateways to IoT service providers. We specify, design and build hardware and software for a specific project and application, taking into account their technical and business requirements.

We operate from the electronic design of the sensors and hardware devices connected to the cloud application software accessed by the user. We are specialists in developing hardware and embedded software for ultra low power consumption and data traffic, sensing, acquisition and processing of data in real time series and RF communication stack.

Primary Domain/Field of Expertise: Internet of Things specialized solutions and new product development including hardware, firmware and software.

Brazilian Company Incubator: CIETEC

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Silvia Takey, COO - São Paulo, Brazil

LinkedIn: Silvia Takey

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