ContaAzul - Joinville, Brazil

ContaAzul - Joinville, Brazil

ContaAzul is a 100% online accountancy software for small businesses in Brazil.

ContaAzul is the market leader in Brazil in accountancy software for small businesses. Being 100% online, it brings convenience in carrying out administrative tasks of the company. In a single software, you control workflows and finances, accessible anytime, anywhere, through the Web. An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) allows a small company to save time by automating bureaucratic and operational tasks of management, offering a clearer view of the information needed for smart decision-making.

Organized in modules, it meets different administrative and financial pillars from small businesses. The integrations among those workflows, exchange information online between different areas, are a key for efficiency gains in the business. Running a business involves some difficulties, especially for those who have little experience in this area. Most Brazilian entrepreneurs usually manage finances and accountants based on spreadsheets or separate systems or even in handwriting notebooks. The time spent to gather the information is too large and they achieve no analytical insights from all that information. In other situations, the small business owner looks at the data and gets wrong conclusions, because the information is incomplete and distorted. The decision reflects those gaps.

The usage of cloud computing reduces costs for the entrepreneurs, as well as it gives flexibility. Thus, ContaAzul provides high availability to companies that have neither financial nor logistical conditions to internally manage computer servers, IT services or information technology equipment. ContaAzul also reduces time and money spendings with long implementation processes, typically required in conventional management software offered in the Brazilian market.

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LinkedIn: ContaAzul

Facebook: ContaAzul

Twitter: @ContaAzul

Phone:+55 0800 600 0920

Being 100% online, the ContaAzul can be accessed securely from any computer connected to the Internet, with the company's information to any day and time of the week. The stored data is protected and undergo routine backups to provide data integrity.

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Anderson Geison Borges, CTO - Joinville, Brazil

Graduated in Information Systems by Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina (UDESC), over 12 years of experience developing SaaS cloud applications. Lead the Engineering team @ ContaAzul


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