- Italy - Italy is a cybersecurity and law tech company that helps digital health companies to ensure compliance with EU, national and US data protection laws by offering them a secure Backend and Database as a Service.

With the DB and Backend developers can easily store, search, retrieve and delete health sensitive data like in a normal noSql DB, manage users' registration, authentication and access control using OAuth protocol, and focus on their apps and users instead of on security and compliance.

As a result, developers are able to:

  • - Ensure compliance with EU/GDPR, national and US/HIPAA data protection laws,

  • - Perform DPIA and Security Risk Assessments with their customers,

  • - Reduce drastically costs and time to market,

  • - Deliver globally without legal barriers. ensures highest level of data security such us encryption at record level, granular access control logs, immutable audit logs, right to be forgotten, and all requirements defined by EU and US data protection laws for healthcare.

Contact us for more information or for a short demo on some case-studies.

Target User: Target Users Everyone developing health it solutions that rely on cloud or mobile technologies.

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Location:  Rovereto (Italy)





Phone: +39 3475039682

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Jovan Stevovic - Rovereto, Italy

Jovan Stevovic is co-founder and CEO of, an application development platform that helps developers to build secure and compliant health apps. The idea of originates from Jovan’s 5+ years’ experience in health IT industry and research at University of Trento, where he got his PhD in 2014.
At he is putting in practice his experience into the digital health and startup environment. Currently supports startups and companies in more than 15 EU states.


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