Center for Strategic Health Technologies - Brazil

Center for Strategic Health Technologies - Brazil

The Center for Strategic Health Technologies (NUTES) is the result of an agreement between the State University of Paraiba (UEPB), the Studies and Projects Funding Agency (FINEP), binded to the Science and Technologies Ministry (MCT), the Health Ministry (MS) of the Brazilian Federal Government and the Technology Park Foundation of Paraiba state (PaqTcPB).

NUTES is a reference center for the development and assessment of technologies to be applied to the health domain, composed of professors, researchers and students of grad and post grad level from the Computer Science, Engineering and Health areas. It has the first Brazilian lab for certification of software embedded into medical devices, ensuring through procedures that devices, processes, softwares and systems produced by the medical industry can operate according to the goal they were designed.
Installed in an area of 1.000 squared meters in the Biologic and Health Sciences Center (CCBS) at UEPB, located at the Juvêncio Arruda street, Universitary Campus, at Bodocongó in Campina Grande, Brazil, it includes labs for biomedical engineering, electronics, software engineering and certification, rapid prototyping of products, usability and image manipulation.

NUTES also performs activities in the areas of clinical engineering, software development for the internet of medical things, design and images manipulation. NUTES monitors, qualifies and develops medical devices and systems to ensure for the final user the reliability required by medical products, contributing to the continuous improvement of quality of technologies under development in Brazil.

VM9 products are targeted at the B2G/B2B market, both public and private, distributed and marketed as Software as a Service (SaaS Cloud Based). In specific projects or by contractual requirement of the customer, the products may be offered in the “on-premise”.

Contact Info: 


Location: Campina Grande, Brazil


Phone: +55 (83) 3315-3336




Target User: Users of the Brazilian Public Healthcare System, Brazilian Health Ministry, Research Institutes, Companies.

Primary Domain/Field of Expertise: Health Technologies

Product / Service / Software:  Medical Device Manufacturing, Medical IoT, Risk Assessment, Artificial Inteligence, Image Analysis, Data Science, Research, Pilot Studies.


Contact Person: 

Paulo barbosa - Campina Grande, Brazil


Prof. Paulo Eduardo e Silva Barbosa, PhD (male). Paulo Barbosa has a PhD degree in Computer Science and he is Assistant Professor at UEPB (State University of Paraiba) – Campina Grande – Brazil. He coordinates research projects at NUTES (Center for Strategic Health Technologies), involving disciplines such as software, systems and safety engineering. His main interest topics are Model Based Systems Engineering, Software Architecture, Traceability, Connected Health and Safety Cases.
He has been involved in biomedical engineering projects for the development and validation of medical devices prototypes. He has also coordinated the development of IoT solutions, such as health aggregator managers to support data collection and actuation through electronic medical records of medical devices and personal health devices. These projects were driven by partnerships with industry and institutes.

Currently, his main focus in on the coordination of the Productive Development Program (PDP) for the Brazilian Health Ministry, involving the manufacturing of Multiparametric Monitors and Cardioversors in partnership with Lifemed company, to be delivered to the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS). He is also coordinating NUTES participation in the H2020 project named OCARIoT (Smart Childhood Obesity Caring Solution using IoT potential). Finally, he coordinated NUTES participation in the US-BR Technology Transfer Program in Linear Accelerators with Varian Medical Systems.




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