Open Call for Experimentation from FUTEBOL project

October 11 2017

Open Call for Experimentation from FUTEBOL project

The FUTEBOL project launched today its open call. This call is addressed to anyone interested to use the methodologies and tools that have been developed within the FUTEBOL project, in order to conduct original research in networking and telecommunications, especially in the integration of optical and wireless technologies.

The expected types of participants are educational or research institutions, universities, small/medium/large enterprises, and anyone in general interested in realizing experiments with optical and/or wireless networks.

The open call will employ a fast submission process based on a simple proposal template. Therefore, the complexity to write a proposal is small. Experimenters selected in this Open Call have access to either basic or advanced support. In the basic support, experimenters will be pointed to tutorials, while in the advanced support the FUTEBOL consortium will provide remote services and technical assistance in setting up the experiments and will provide training.

For more information, access the Open Call Page or check the official Open Call document HERE.

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