BEIA CONSULT INTERNATIONAL, SIEMENS partner, is an innovative SME and one of the leading suppliers of telecommunication systems in Romania, with an experience since 1991 in more than 900 projects: telemetry systems, networks of PBXs, structured cabling, advanced communications projects.

Geographically, BEIA covers the whole country of Romania, and as fields of activities, BEIA is able to offer professional solutions, mainly for:

  • (i) Communications for companies and organizations (integrating IT&C hardware, software and networks), local telephone and data networks
  • (ii) Communications for small office and homes (PBX, phones, etc), Contact and Call Center
  • (iii) PCM and XDSL transmission systems
  • (iv) Telemonitoring and radio-telemetry (IP / Wireless SCADA),
  • (v) Consultancy and implementing of applications – solutions for IT&C problems in the following domains: local and central administration, industry and agriculture, power generation, environmental protection, public health, education and culture, national defense and intelligence.


Also, BEIA has ongoing IoT projects such as ”SARAT-IWSN”, ”SWITCH”, ”MobiWay”, ”EV-BAT”,”CarbaDetect”, "Power2SME" and has successfully implemented more than ten projects at national and European level in the field of research and development for M2M and telemetry.


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Furthermore, BEIA has implemented and integrated IoT applications in the field of e-health (tele-diagnosis of diabetes, emergency communication systems for patients, nurses and doctors), agriculture (frost warnings, disease alert for plants, evapo-transpiration calculations, tele-monitoring of soil moisture, remote control of irrigation systems, measurement of cumulated degree days), hydro energy (tele-monitoring of level and flow), heliports (measurement of meteorological parameters), environment (monitoring of water and air quality).


BEIA Consult International SRL Bucharest offers at very attractive prices the entire range of telemetry and telemonitoring equipment: Base stations, Remote telemetry units (RTUs), Sensors, Accessories for RTUs and for sensors, Server software for data processing and data presentation.

BEIA also offers the best system solutions and construction practices, allowing sustainable, accurate and even enjoyable utilisation of these products in very diverse application domains. Adcon Telemetry equipment is being successfully utilised in hydrometrics, irrigation control systems (precipitation intensity, total rainfall, evapotranspiration and soil moisture), meteorology, water and air quality measurements, water management systems, measurement of renewable energy potential, plant disease management (the amount of heat received by the culture daily and cumulative) etc.

The central elements of this telemonitoring system are as bellow:

  • – Data concentrator (Gateway) performs communication with the remote telemetry units (RTUs) and also allows the configuration and management of all RTUs and sensors.
  • – Data presentation server is hosted on a computer with strong server features (such as safe unattended running 24/24 and 7/7) and based on the software package.
  • – Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) + a large range of sensors.
  • – A solar panel is powering the RTU and sensors at all telemonitoring installations locations.


Communication of the telemonitoring system is performed via the Internet, which brings to the system important advantages in what concerns investment and operation. Users, for instance, can have access to the data prepared by the presentation server anytime and anywhere, from any terminal able to access the Internet (PC, I-pad, smartphone etc.).

Target User: Farmers, Vintners, Agricultural Ministries & Rural Development, Ministries of Environment, Water and Forests, Chemical manufacturers

Contact Person: 

George Suciu, R&D and Innovation Manager - IT&C Project Management - Bucharest, Romania

George Suciu graduated from the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology at the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, where he received also his M.Sc and PhD. He holds a MBA in Informatics Project Management from the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics of the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest. His research work is focused on cloud communications, big data and IoT/M2M. Known languages: German, French, English. He has more than 20 years experience in various research projects (FP7, National Structural Funds, Eureka, H2020). George Suciu occupies since 2008 the position of IT&C Solutions Manager - R&D Department, being employed since 1998 at BEIA Consult International, a research performing SME, with an experience since 1991 in more than 5000 projects.

  • LinkedIn: George Siciu
  • Mobile : 0040-744-91.47.98
  • Tel : 0040-21-332.30.06
  • Fax : 0040-21-332.30.05
  • Skype: george_suciu

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