Amachains - Amazônia Blockchain Solutions

Amachains - Amazônia Blockchain Solutions

Amachains is a startup specialized in solutions using blockchain, which enables the recording of transactions with high reliability as they occur, reducing the need for an intermediary to save private records, greater transparency for administrative processes and high flexibility.

Target User: Small producers of family farming and other actors in the supply chain involved in traceability.

Primary Domain/Field of Expertise: Blockchain. We develop projects using blockchain in various segments such as traceability, IoT, logistic, marketplace, finances, insurance.

Product / Service / Software:  System for traceability, with compliance, of mining, agribusiness and bioeconomic supply chains, involving web platform and mobile application, allowing the use of APIs for system integration.


Contact Person: 

Billy Pinheiro - Belém, Brazil (CTO/IT Director)

Billy is a co-Founder and CTO of Amachains. He has a master degree in Computer Science and PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of Pará. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at PPGCC / UFPA acting as supervisor of the NECOS Project (Cloud Slices), coordinates the research area at Blockchain at the GERCOM.


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