7bulls - Poland

7bulls - Poland

7bulls.com delivers new, advanced technologies for large organizations, including financial, publishing, automotive, and pharmaceutical companies, the alcoholic beverage industry, as well as media corporations and retail chains. Since 1999 we have been implementing, integrating, and developing software for companies in 29 countries. Our team comprises approx. 150 people (programmers, analysts, testers) with offices in Warsaw, Toruń and Paris.

Our software is used by clients like Conforama France, Orange, Toyota Motor Poland, Clear2Pay, RaboBank, Volvo, Crédit Agricole, mBank and Polsat Cyfrowy.


Cloud Quality

Cloud Quality is a service mix of cloud architecture and quality assurance competencies dedicated for cloud intensive project with high potential of test automation. An approach used by 7bulls.com for clients like Conforama France, Empik, Melodic (Horizon 2020) and CSS (middleware for the insurance market).
Cloud Quality helps companies run quality assurance process in the context of modern and complex cloud and multi-cloud environments. To make this happen unique blend of expertise in quality assurance (all our engineers are ISTBQ certified) and cloud computing (7bulls is a member of a consortium with the European Commision standardising CAMEL a multi-cloud description language) is required.

Contact Info: 

Website: http://www.7bulls.com/en/

Email: kontakt@7bulls.com

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/519775/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/7bulls

Phone: +48 22 583 10 60



Move2Cloud service helps companies with complex IT architecture to achieve cloud benefits while maintaining stability of their mission critical systems. It is an expert service spanning from cloud solutions advisory, auditing as-is architecture, designing of cloud architecture, with intermediate stages to cloud deployment, maintenance and operation.
The first purpose of the Move2Cloud service is to audit the current as-is architecture and make a high level estimation of the possible costs of moving it to the cloud based architecture with identification of business benefits, impact on IT operations and preparation of a high level schedule of a migration. The next step is a preparation of the to-be cloud architecture with intermediate stages between as-is situation and desired to-be stage. The result also contains recommendation on which cloud service provider or solution will be optimal for this particular case.
The high level list of changes in IT systems needed to migrate to cloud is prepared. Also the result of the service is a preparation of high level project plan, with more detailed schedule and most important tasks which should be done to accomplish migration to the cloud. We focus on intermediate stages, to properly plan and deploy architecture for hybrid cloud, in transition phase, when some systems are still deployed using traditional infrastructure and some of them are deployed to the cloud provider.


CloudForms/Reforms_21 is a software migration service from legacy Oracle Forms platform to modern cloud model. It combines economical benefits of the cloud with savings from automation of the migration. This automated migration approach was proven in companies like Toyota Motor Poland. The cost of a migration using CloudForms/Reforms_21 is approx. 40% of the cost of redeveloping the system from scratch (assumption for a nontrivial system with more than 100 forms). Additionally significant reduction of project duration is usually expected. Migration takes approx. 25% of the time required to redevelop the system from scratch.
CloudForms is a proven application migration methodology – risk of errors in application operation are minimized by more than 70% in comparison to redeveloping the system from scratch. Reduction of the costs of necessary user training is an additional benefit – the migrated application can look identical in comparison to redeveloping the system from scratch. A migrated application from the end-user perspective is browser-launched regardless of the platform – no need to install an application. In our experience a typical team developing an application on Oracle Forms is able to develop the migrated application after about 1 week of training.

Enterprise multi-cloud powered by Melodic

7bulls.com helps enterprise clients reduce costs of the cloud while avoiding vendor lock-in with one specific cloud provider. It is achieved by using Melodic platform. Melodic calculates best multi-cloud options for an application. Deployment is also fully automatic. As a result your team does not waste time, money and can focus on the core of their competence while multi-cloud complexity is made simple and manageable.
With Melodic platform you specify the needs of your application just once and forget about differences between cloud operators, multiple admin panels and other headaches. This approach is far more superior to manual operations when aspects like provisioning, scalability, jurisdiction, service level and changing costs of specific cloud services have to be taken into account. The underlying software making this possible is an Open Source project created by a consortium with the European Commision that 7bulls.com is a part of. Full adoption of Open Source and Open Standards approach makes sure that end-users of the Melodic platform have full control and will not be trapped in a vendor lock-in scenario.

Target users: Enterprise customers, SMEs ("Melodic" services includes as well Research Institutes working on Big data projects)

Contact Person: 

Katarzyna Materka, Quality Assurance Manager - Warsaw, Poland

LinkedIn: Katarzyna Materka

Katarzyna Materka is an experienced Quality Assurance Specialist. She graduated Warsaw School of Economics, Post-Graduate Studies in Quality Management and she achieved Master’s Degree in Musicology on University of Warsaw. At 7bulls she is a Team Leader Senior Quality Assurance responsible for planning, coordinating and supervising the QA team. Katarzyna also takes care of defining testing strategy and procedures. In the past she was assuring quality in big CRM/BSS system integration for one of the Polish telecom and GSM and Internet billing system for a leading media and telco company. She is certified in ISTQB and Prince2Foundation. She is also responsible for quality assurance in Melodic project.

Paweł Skrzypek, Software Architect - Warsaw, Poland

LinkedIn: Pawek Skrzypek

Paweł Skrzypek is a software architect with experience and background in cloud and e-commerce solutions. He holds a master’s degree in computerscience from the University of Lodz (2000). He worked as ITconsultant, Development Team Leader, Analyst and Architect. Between 2006 and 2015, he worked as a Head of IT project management team and CIO advisor at Cyfrowy Polsat S.A., the biggest Polish and 4th European satellite platform operator. He played a key role in all the IT projects carried out by the company and underpinning its growth from several hundreds to the current number of over 3.5 million subscribers. From this and other commercial IT projects he was built up expertise in large IT projects, especially those related to cloud computing. He is acting as a Chief Architect supervising the technical work carried out by the 7bulls team involved in Melodic project. He is AWS Certified Solution Architect and AWS Certified Developer.

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